About us

How it

Vocal Enlightenment started in 2020 and developed throughout lockdown by teaching people how to sing and express themselves authentically in the world.

Now Vocal Enlightenment is a platform that teaches heart based topics related to music, spirituality and personal development to people from all over the globe.


Our mission is to EMPOWER YOU by making our knowledge accessible to the world. We have  created a safe space for you to explore new knowledge, gain confidence and help you become the highest version of yourself.



We welcome instructors that feel called to share their knowledge. Vocal Enlightenment’s instructors are personally chosen by our team.


About the Founder

Tsvetelina V. Georgieva is a music artist, entrepreneur, and a coach. She is mostly known for her artist career under the pseudonym FLÒRALYN. She was born in a Bulgarian musical family and has graduated from the National School of Music with classical singing and harp. She has performed in Greece, Bulgaria, France, Egypt, Portugal, Macau and the UK.

In 2016 she moved to Cornwall, England and starts the first harp class in the area. A year later she releases her debut EP ‘When Light Falls Asleep” which gets played on BBC radio and receives positive regional attention. Later on she moves to London where she teaches singing, songwriting and Music theory in South West region and gives lectures in ACM London. In 2020 she’s starts teaching online and shares her experience with dozen of women and men from all over the globe.